Nothing stands still

It's been about six months since AIM Content Marketing and PR was launched.  And it's been a roller coaster of a ride so far. 

There's been highs (new client wins) and lows (actually there's not really been any) but during this time it's been amazing to meet with new and existing contacts and talk to them about how content marketing and PR can help their businesses.  

PR has changed so much since I graduated (too long ago to mention) but one thing is for sure it's constantly changing and evolving.  I remember when PR was a nice to have and we had to fight with the advertisers for a slice of their budgets.  Now PR sits in budgets in its own right and often in replacement of advertising.  

I remember when people said social media was a 'flash in the pan' and it'll never take off; tell that to the 500 million active daily users on Instagram! 

Nothing stays still.  Things evolve, improve, grow, decline even.  

AIM Content Marketing isn't going to be standing still in 2018.  We have some amazing projects on the horizon, with some amazing brands and clients.  

Here's to not standing still.